Wigginton and Hopwas Parish Council

Information for Audit 2020-21

Information for Audit 2020-21

Completion Notice

Audited Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2020-21 (non-accessible)

Legislation requires a ‘wet’ signature on the above documents, the scanned PDF does not comply with accessibility requirements, an accessible version of these documents (unaudited and without signatures) is available here: Annual Governance and Accountabilty Return 2020-21 Part 3 – unaudited accounts (accessible document)

Additional documentation:

Notice of appointment of date for the exercise of public rights 2021

Bank Reconciliation 2020-21

Explanation of Significant Variances 2020-21

2020-21 Sign Off Letter – Part 3 – Electronic Version

JPAG guidance (5.32 General Reserve)

Expenditure over £100 2020-21