Wigginton and Hopwas Parish Council


Samuel Parkes VC War Memorial

The village of Wigginton lies on the northern border of Tamworth. St Leonard’s Church and St Leonard’s C of E School are focal points of village life, as is The Crown Inn.

On April 1st 2012, Wigginton and Hopwas Parish Council took over responsibilty for the Samuel Parkes V C War Memorial in Wigginton from Staffordshire County Council. The Memorial had been provided through the hard work of a committee of volunteers and is now a great asset to the village. This area at the centre of Wigginton is Wigginton Jubilee Memorial Green.

The Parish Council acts as Trustee for the Wigginton Village Hall Trust and manages the funds raised from the sale of the Village Hall.  The funds have been invested but no long term use for them has yet been identified.

WVH agenda AGM September 9th 2021

Appendix 1 – WVH minutes AGM 1st October 2020

Appendix 2a Financial Report for year ending 31st March 2021

Appendix 2b Receipts and Payments Accounts for year ending 31st March 2021

Appendix 3 – Trustees’ Annual Report year ending 31.03.21

Street view of Main Road, Wigginton