Wigginton and Hopwas Parish Council

Comberford Millennium Green Trust

Comberford Millennium Green Trust was formed on 2nd November 2000 in order to provide and maintain the  Green for the benefit of its residents as an area of informal recreation, leisure and community space.

On 12th March 2011, the Trust, acting by the Trustees and with the sanction of the Inhabitants appointed Wigginton and Hopwas Parish Council as the Sole Trustee of Comberford Millennium Green Trust (CMG Trust).

Statement of aims

The Millennium Green is to:

  • make a substantial contribution to the life of the whole community
  • be able to be enjoyed by people of all ages and physical abilities
  • be open and evident to visitors to the Locality as well as inhabitants
  • be an attractive place for people to take air and exercise, meet others and pursue leisure activities and pastimes consistent with the shared enjoyment of the whole of the land
  • include an area suitable for community events and celebrations
  • include significant “natural” areas where people can enjoy Nature and wildlife at first hand
  • make a positive contribution to the local environment and respect the established character of the area
  • remain safely and conveniently accessible from Inhabitants’ homes

CMG Trust have also formed a ‘Friends of Comberford Millennium Green’ group for inhabitants to discuss and explore ways to improve the green, increase its usage and provide their recommendations to the Trust. If you would like to be a part of this informal group or have any further questions please contact the Secretary to the Trust Kate Pritchard on 07540 991 343 or via email to: clerk@wiggintonandhopwas-pc.gov.uk

Comberford Millennium Green Trust meet throughout the year; members of the public are always welcome. To find out when the next meeting is contact: clerk@wiggintonandhopwas-pc.gov.uk